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  3. 夏天英语作文

    时间:2022-04-21 16:56:17 英语作文 我要投稿




    夏天英语作文 篇1

      Summer comes after spring. It is the warmest season in the year. It often rains ,sometimes quite heavily. Everything grows very quickly. Young people love this time of year because it is good for sports .I often go swimming ,sometimes in a lake near my home, and sometimes in the river. I enjoy it very much.



    夏天英语作文 篇2

      Summer is the great season for all sports in the open air. It is the season for baseball which is often called the national sport because of its popularity. I usually watch television and read the newspaper reports about the baseball results of the newspaper reports about the baseball results of the little leagues. During the summer I like to go to the beach often because it is very close to my home in the village. I usually go there bur in the summer vacation to relax after many months in school in the city. I feel very comfortable with the familiar quiet of the villagers.

    夏天英语作文 篇3

      Summer has come, with its warm sunny days, making us thing of all sorts of nice things, such as holidays in the country, picnics and haymaking parties.

      When Spring came, she found the earth cold and bare, but she soon changed all that, and by the time Summer arrives, the world is a very different place. It is a green world now, green leaves on the trees, green grass in the fields, green plants crowding in the hedges, and flowers opening everywhere.

      The days are long and the nights are short, for the sun gets up early and goes to bed late in sunny June. It is one of the best and brightest months in the year. Birds sing from sunrise till long after sunset.

      As night falls, one after another the birds stop their singing, and after a few last sleepy sounds, put their heads under their wings to rest for an hour or two before beginning again. They do not all sleep, however. When other birds are silent, comes a soft cry, then, after a few moments, another, louder this time; and soon the nightingale pouring out his wonderful song.

      Not only at night does the nightingale sing. On almost every warm day in early June, the little brown bird sings away in the roads and woods, but, as all the other birds are also singing at the same time, we do not notice his voice so much. It is at night, when he has the field all to himself, that we hear the nightingale at his best.






    夏天英语作文 篇4

      The summer was coming, and the weather was getting very hot, and people took off their winter coats and put on their short sleeves, and the girls put on beautiful skirts. Summer breath pervaded the air.

      The summer sun is hot, the trees are shady, the birdsong cicadas are singing, hiding in the shade of the trees to take advantage of the cool me, still can listen to the singing cicadas is the best string music!

      Pond, lotus pond, full of the holy and flawless, pink coquettish lotus, as noble as enchanting, provoked flitting around the rotation, the butterfly flutters, the scene make people linger.

      A hot summer day is the children's heaven and earth, the children's favorite sport is swimming, you see, they want to heartily laughing in the water, swooping and play!

      The day of June, like a child's face, changeable. I was in the air-conditioned room, eating watermelons and licking the ice. Suddenly, the sky was covered with black clouds, and a few drops of rain fell in the sky, followed by a downpour of rain.

      The summer is colorful! Do you like summer, boys and girls?







    夏天英语作文 篇5

      Nowadays,when it comes to summer, we can’t ignore the fact that the temperature grows higher and higher. Frankly speaking, air-condition has become a must in our daily life owing to the hot summer.


      From my point of view, summer time has become a period which let people feel uncomfortable. The circumstance of summer is not as comfortable as it used to be. Furthermore, many lovely small animals have slowly disappeared. Take the firefly as an example, the firefly has attractive light at night, and it can bring much jocundity to kids. In recent years, we almost cannot see it. Summer’s topic has changed from enjoyment into suffering. At the same time, we have lost too much joyfulness and quietude.


      Why does the summer get so terrible? With the development of society, we should have a higher life standard, but actually there are environment problems which influence people’s life. The high temperature is the best instance to explain the existed environment issues. On the one hand, many factories have produced much pollution which can make temperature become higher. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t really realize the importance of protecting the environment. They have not enough awareness to understand that protecting environment is to save themselves.


      We need such a summer: happy insect language, clear river, comfortable temperature, fresh air.


      Anyone is supposed to take actions to save our life environment. Let our summer become more dynamic!


    夏天英语作文 篇6

      Summer is coming.

      The tree have new,green leaver. Flowers is very lovely.It's hot in summer.We wear shorts ,T-shirt and sandals.In summer,I like swimming in the swimming pool,I wear a swimsuit and glasses.I like summer.

    夏天英语作文 篇7

      Prospective students can get a taste of campus life during the summer months by spending a day or evening at Penn State New Kensington.

      During the Spend a Summer Day and Spend a Summer Evening events in June, July, and August, participants can meet staff and current students, and find out all they need to know about admissions, financial aid and student life. Opportunities to tour the campus are available and a free lunch and entertainment are provided.

      The first Spend a Summer Day program is a weekend event slated from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 20. Adult learners who can't make it during the day due to work commitments may spend a summer evening on campus from 6:30-9:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 30. The final Spend a Summer Day is a weekday event, set from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 6.





    夏天英语作文 篇8

      The flower-scented spring girl is going to have a rest. The hot summer is coming to our side.

      In summer, summer mountain is like green, green wave layer. This is a good season to grow, if everybody came to the countryside, you will see many farmers uncle have braved the heat went to the fields, planting vegetables, fruits and flowers...

      The sun was like the fireball of an old boss, and the light shone on the man, and the dog stopped barking, and his often large tongue hid in the room for the cold. A line of white smoke comes out of the road where the hot sun is burning, and the foot steps down. The sun is too vicious to deal with us!

      When summer girl sadly, at once, the sunny weather has become a gray, the sky clouded over, only heard a loud noise, "flew off..." Suddenly there was a great storm, and the girl didn't know what was wrong and cried so badly.

      The rain stopped and the flowers and grass looked more delicate and bright. This summer rain, moistening the whole earth, washed the earth a comfortable bath.

      In summer, it is sultry, but it is full of energy and warmth!